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Educators' Resources

Georgia Women of Achievement is a strong proponent for education and the preservation of women’s history. The most active tenet of our mission involves the creation of educational opportunities for Georgia's youth by raising awareness about these outstanding female role models and mentors.


We are proud to present our evidence-based lesson plans as resources for educators. We deeply appreciate the partnership of Dr. Fletcher Johnson Jr. in his role as the Bibb County Board of Education’s District School Improvement Coordinator of the Social Sciences. We are so grateful to him and his team’s tireless work on our elementary, middle, and high school lesson plans that align with the Georgia Social Studies’ Standard.


We hope these carefully curated lesson plans assist your classrooms in the discovery of the “untold stories” of Georgia’s amazing women as you “honor, inspire and educate” the next generation of Georgia heroes. Click on the appropriate grade-level below to get started.


Hall of Fame Inductees

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