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Utilize our video-based and biographical resources to instruct your students about the feats, leaps, and bounds of these extraordinary trailblazers!


The honorees of Georgia Women's Hall of Fame have left an indelible imprint on the State of Georgia and its citizens. From artists to authors, scientists, politicians, educators, and athletes, over 100 women have been inducted into this prestigious Hall. Through their life stories, we are all encouraged to use our own unique talents and mentor future generations. 

Since its inception, the mission of GWA has been to honor the inspirational and courageous female trailblazers of our state while providing education and awareness of their accomplishments. In pursuit of furthering the values of the organization, the Board of the Georgia Women of Achievement remains steadfastly committed to the diversity and inclusion of inductees. As a Board, we are dedicated to our educational mission with both transparency and authenticity as we conduct ongoing reviews of all inductees, past and future.    

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