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Use of the online form is our preference, however, if its not working or you are unable to access it, please use the following guidelines when submitting your nomination. 



First, middle or maiden, last name

Date and place of birth

Date and place of death

Occupation or field of endeavor



Mailing address
Telephone number

Email address
Institutional affiliation, especially if it applies to the nomination

Relationship to the nominee (e.g., subject of research, family, etc.)



In one paragraph, provide the reason(s) this person should be selected as a Georgia Woman of Achievement. Give evidence of the enduring nature of her contributions and how her achievements remain with us. Georgia Women of Achievement’s goal is to recognize women whose contributions extend to the state, regional, national, or international level. Nominations for achievements at the local level are not appropriate.


In this section, please provide the highlights of the nominee's full life, including year and a bullet statement of what happened in that year. Good examples include: "1949: Married Mr. Joe Smith of Atlanta, GA", "1925: Published first novel", etc. 



This section tells the Board of Selections (BOS) the specific reasons why the prospective inductee should become a Georgia Woman of Achievement. It should clearly demonstrate that her achievements had statewide, regional, or national scope.


The narrative should include:

  • Biographical information showing the nominee’s solid connection to Georgia (birth, death, and/or lifetime contributions)

  • Pertinent details about the nominee’s education or other training

  • Detailed descriptions of the impact of these achievements at the state, regional, or

    national level

  • Evidence of their effects beyond the nominee’s innermost circles, i.e., how the nominee’s

    work led to the betterment of some aspect of life

  • Awards, honors, or other citations indicating that the nominee’s achievements have been



The nomination narrative need not include and may be weakened by: 

  • Genealogical information that does not reflect the nominee’s achievements

  • Emphasis on the nominee’s spouse that does not reflect her own achievements

  • Praise for the nominee that is unsupported by facts about her specific achievements



This portion of the nomination is not mandatory though it is helpful. Please provide 1-2 quotes that have been attributed to the nominee that best represent her personality, ambition, etc. If available, provide when and where the quotes were first spoken.  



This portion of the nomination lists the historical sources used for the nomination. It shows the BOS that the nominator has conducted research using a wide variety of sources of historical integrity. It also allows them to do further reading about the nominee.

Examples of works that might be used to prepare a nomination include, but are not limited to:

  • Archival collections that might contain personal letters, diaries, and other family papers

    related to the nominee

  • Archival collections of civic or professional organizations that might contain meeting

    minutes, professional communications, and other organizational proceedings related to

    the nominee

  • Any published information about the nominee, for example, books, magazine or

    newspaper articles

  • Interviews with people who knew and worked with the nominee

Each work cited should include title, author, and date of publication.



Georgia Women of Achievement requires two endorsements for each nomination. Endorsements reflect the support of additional individuals and/or groups associated with the nomination. Endorsements should be in the form of letters to Georgia Women of Achievement and contain the following information:

  • Name of endorser

  • Contact information (address, phone, e-mail)

  • Connections to the nominee

  • Reasons for the endorsement


Letters of endorsement should be

  • Addressed to Georgia Women of Achievement.

  • No longer than one page.

  • Submitted electronically with the nomination



Nominators with questions are encouraged to take advantage of the following resources:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of GWA’s web site

  • Reference librarians at local libraries, college and university libraries, and historical



Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. If technology is a problem, please notify the GWA office. Submissions should be e-mailed by September 30 to Nominators, whether successful or not, are notified on or before December 1. Public announcements are made in January.



  • One Portable Document File (PDF) including

    • ⁃  One-paragraph statement of significance

    • ⁃  Nomination narrative

    • ⁃  Works cited/bibliography

  • Two one-page letters of endorsement

  • One image of the nominee

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